1kstory.com Terms of Service

Stories published on 1kstory.com (“the site”) are subjects to the agreement between the author of each story and this site's policies outlined in this Terms of Service (“TOS”), which states that the site and it's owner are not responsible or in any other legal means held responsible for the content of the story. While artistic freedom is encouraged the site and its community try its best to moderate the sites content and will ban material that may be found offending politically, ethnically or racially.

Stories may be removed if its content does not comply with this TOS, authors may also be banned for repeated or serious offenses to this TOS.

All material published within this site is under agreement with the author and the site to be fully original and not in any part a work of forgery.

Content may not be uploaded for the purpose of promoting products or services or direct traffic to other sites.

Stories may not contain illegal content or promote illegal behaviour.

The site may update or make changes to this TOS at any time it deem appropriate. The site may notify its users of major changes to its TOS by email or notice on the site.

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