The Monster in the Closet

In a gloomy bedroom a father sits on the bed, tucking his five year old daughter in. He reaches for the light switch when she says in a whisper

"Daddy! There's a monster in my closet!"

Instead of flicking the switch he pats her on her head and his eyes meets hers

"Sweetie pie, there's no monster in your closet", he reassures her with his most soothing voice.

Her eyes tells him she's not convinced so he gets up and steps toward the closet.

"See", he says facing the closet but before even grabbing the two doorknobs.

He swings the doors open only to find a girl in there. On the floor. Knees up to her chin, with her arms clutching her legs and panic in her eyes. He realizes that the frightened girl in the closet looking up at him is his daughter the moment she speaks.

"Daddy! There's a monster in my bed!"

Behind him, he can hear a soft creak in the floor tiling.