I Swear!

I saw my reflection blink!... Read

The Monster in the Closet

In a gloomy bedroom a father sits on the bed, tucking his five year old daughter in. He reaches for the light switch when she says in a whisper "Daddy! There's a monster in my closet!" Instead of flicking the switch he pats her on her head and... Read

Another Postcard

Morning has broken cold Silent dust settles in in the sun by the window Words unspoken, words untold Fingertips trace your dents in my heart, in your pillow Another postcard depicting Another town you're visiting Still I am but a broken wi... Read


The day is so clear and blue but where are you? Don't know where I am But it's better when I get lost Don't hide away from me, Been searching for you all my life I'm not used to love someone, who loves another one. oh, oh. Another one Yo... Read


You feel safe, more than your health permits you. You sleep in your bed, twists in enormous torturing. Tonight I'm gonna cut your throat to pieces, I swear it Black days are chasing me up, in my struggle for blood of the living. Drink black b... Read


I'm traveling through landscapes, nothing's so beautiful like these days. The sun shines on the highway, time is in my hand, now. The wind's blowing in my hair, I'm free now. In the evening I park my car and I taste some beer. I dress up ... Read


Look around you and don't mess up no star You've gotta go to the damn bar You try to get that girl, but you'll never learn You drink too much, and you'll never know you hurt With gin in your hand you'll be another man You think you're cool ... Read

The Bus Drive

The scenic view stretched all the way from the mountains they moved on down to the farmland below and all the way out to sea. The bus gently rocked as it worked its way inlands and up towards a pass. Once over the pass they would start their descent ... Read