The day is so clear and blue but where are you? Don't know where I am But it's better when I get lost

Don't hide away from me, Been searching for you all my life I'm not used to love someone, who loves another one. oh, oh. Another one

You disappeared in your phantom, before I saw your soul. Where have you been all my life (under water!) Please, tell me why, before I get under ground I miss you so much mermaid (where are you?)

I jump into the water, bells tolls in my head. I was swimming to nowhere, and nowhere must be somewhere.

Start to drink, day and night until my mind's filled out. When I'll accept my fault I'll be too old. Oh, oh oh oh. I'll be too old

I walk by the sea wonder how that could be Keep going, don't want to stop. Bells tolls in my head.

Suddenly I dive to never again return. I'm looking for my dear one, my mermaid.