We at 1kstory.com love stories, wether it's about building, sharing or just reading them. While we find it frustrating to never finishing them everything really is about having something to tell.
So a simple idea was born; to encourage creative writing.

See, we all have a story to tell, be it fictional or documentary. Sometimes it's so darn good we want to tell the whole world. Not seldom we start off with an intention to get the story down in print, or at least on screen. But curiously enough the story will start to grow into a project and somewhere in the process you get stuck or lost in your own ambitions. Why? Becausee that's just the problem. The ambition.

So how does 1kstory.com help?

Keep it short!

That's it. There's no secret recipe. Other than keeping it short.

Aim for 500 words, or at most 1 000*, and be done with it. After all, to paraphrase a pioneer: "1k should be enough for anyone."

And if you must: 2000.

*1 000, or 1k, in computer terms is 1024, so 1kstory would loosely mean 1024-word-story.

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